Training Program


  Android is the open source platform developed and popularised by google which runs on Smart Phones, Tablet, Smart Watches and even in Cars. The course starts with Java fundamentals and moves on to expert level techniques and tacticks used in the development of Android Apps. On completion of this course you will be able to create apps which can run in Android powered Phones and Tablets Qualitative android apps development solutions to enterprises across the globe. We have proven expertise in Android apps development that ensures value-added services to your mobile operations. Harnessing the maximum potential of the intricate Android SDK platform, our developers utilize plethora of Android development tools to explore unlimited product development possibilities.

JAVA Concepts

Enzapps Covers all module of JAVA Conceptst section in Android

SQL & Sqlite

Enzapps Covers all module of SQL & Sqlite section in Android

Application Structure

Enzapps Covers all module of Application Structure tasks in Android

Android Virtual Device

Enzapps Covers all module of Android Virtual Device section in Android

UI design

Enzapps Covers all module of UI design section in Android


Enzapps Covers all module of Intent section in Android

Tabs and Tab Activity

Enzapps Covers all module of Tabs and Tab Activity section in Android


Enzapps Covers all module of Linkify section in Android


Everything Included You need to Create an Expectional application by Android


interpreted language

Writing programs in Android takes less time than other languages

highly interactive

perfect language for someone trying to learn programming

easy-to-use syntax

Android supports large set of libraries and built-in modules