rtos Training

business protocol course begins with a discussion about branding and aligning behaviors to match an organization's desired brand image. At the protocol training program's conclusion, participants will have a solid understanding of organizational representation and be ready to meet and greet the public, the media, and others who will associate them with their organization's brand, as the Enzapps provide it Protocol knows how to be comfortable and at ease, empowered with confidence and authority in order to make someone feel truly welcomed. Furthermore, protocol is an art of creating right environment so that business and diplomacy can be conducted.


understanding of the different sensor to develop proper apps

cloud platform

understanding of the different cloud platform for storage

Smart gateways

understanding of the different gateways to implement apps

Smart sensors

smart sensors are the indispensable enablers of the industrial

deployment costs

The decreasing price of these tiny devices is helping keep deployment costs low

user intervention

will be able to provide mechanisms for rtos objects to have its behavior with minimal user intervention

traditional back-end Data

the data is analyzed, managed, and stored on traditional back-end data center systems.


refers primarily to commercial applications of rtos technology in the world of manufacturing.


Everything Included You need to Develop protocol


rule-based architecture

proposal for distributed sensing in protocol designed with the aim of providing the proactive management of the EXEHDA Middleware interactions with the physical environment

Large Scale Sensors

computer systems must be able to acquire information from different sensors enabling an instrumentation strategy In addition to providing distributed information acquisition

High Quality Products

Smart sensors are particularly useful in plants or warehouses because they can keep track of temperature and humidity