Jan 09


How Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality helps you?

Nowadays, VR and AR play a big role in the field of technology. Virtual reality is an artificial environment presented to the user in such a way that the user experiences a real environment. It is created through a software. We can experience virtual reality through sight and sound. Virtual reality have application in various fields such as military, healthcare, fashion, business, sport, education, scientific Visualization, Heritage, Engineering, Telecommunications, Film, Media etc. Virtual reality training involves the use of head mounted displays (HMD) and data gloves to enable military personnel to interact with objects within a virtual environment.

Virtual reality is often used as a diagnostic tool in that it enables doctors to arrive at a diagnosis in conjunction with other methods such as MRI scans. This removes the need for invasive procedures or surgery. Robotic surgery is another example. Also virtual reality is one of the methods for a live fashion show. For business purpose, VR is used for helding meeting at different locations. In the field of sports .VR is used as one of the main training agent. Imagine the field of scientific visualization in which VR can be used for representation of graphics, which helps views for more satisfaction. Checking errors in construction field and in programming languages, it should be essential now. Main role of Virtual reality is that it can make entertaining videos with much more visual effects. So that It can be useful not only for media purpose, but also for education purpose and so on.

Augmented reality does not create artificial environment, but it can play with the existing environment and overlays feature on it. Likewise VR, AR also found applications in various fields. In the field of medicine, AR used in order for making the surgery easier, can be possible through visualization method. GPS systems use augmented reality to make it easier to get from point A to point B. There are a number of applications for augmented reality in the sightseeing and tourism industries. Computer gaming become more impressive due to these AR feature. Likewise AR and VR turn into a piece of human life.


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      Nyc video ..!! Thnk u sir fr letting us knw bout the VR n AR Till nw wat i ws assumin is dat google glass is a new gen. of VR bt nw my doubt has been cleard thnk u

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